With over 3000 members in 100+ countries, the International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP) is the world’s only Innovation Certification Body, and fully networked community to deliver Innovation tools and collaboration across nations, industries, governments, and academia.   IAOIP’s Innovation Certifications validate that the holder has the proven tools to drive meaningful innovation and the related results and successes in their organization, community, and world.   IAOIP’s Academy platform provides members with the latest in innovation training.    IAOIP is the only US TAG group for ISO 279 – developing and driving THE global Standards in innovation – setting the bar for Innovation going forward.  Join the organization driving  global Innovation, Certifications, and networked community!


In 2007, Brett Trusko founded the International Journal of Innovation Science in an effort to professionalize the job of the innovator in the corporate setting. In 2013, after years of hearing executive management express the need to make better hiring decisions in their innovation function, (Dr.) Brett Trusko founded the International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP).  He had a few simple goals for complex initiatives including 1) help executives make better informed decisions about their innovation hires, 2)deliver innovation tools to change the world, and 3) solve organizational problems surrounding innovation.

With the afore-mentioned goal in mind, coupled with the vision of standardizing innovation– the approach, practice, commercialization, hiring of innovators, etc. – while still encouraging free-flowing creativity,  Trusko assembled a best-in-class team who brought a creative, foundational and scientific approach to innovation. Thus the IAIOP offered a respite for those seeking greater understanding, standard practices and methodology, and provided much needed organizational legitimacy in the field of innovation.


In 2015, IAOIP began offering certifications which follow the principles and requirements of ANSI/ISO certifying bodies. Since that time over 1000 certifications have been awarded to professionals across the globe. The association prides itself on meeting the needs of global organizations and offers 5 innovation certification opportunities which include:

  • Certified Professional Innovator
  • Certified Management of Innovation
  • Design Thinking
  • Methods and Tools
  • Certified Management of Innovation – Chief Innovation Officer


Our now annual event, Innova-Con, began in 2015. This assembly of innovation professionals has been held each year since with our members and industry leaders gathering to develop greater understanding of the latest in management, practical applications, and future trends of innovation. Innova-Con also offer significant networking opportunities for innovation leaders. Innova-Con isn’t a sixth-grade field trip and is designed for those who really want to learn what works in innovation, while networking with the best in the industry.


As the association grew, to it’s now over 3000 members in over 100 countries, it’s influence and global innovation leadership grew as well. In 2018, the IAOIP was named U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Administrator for the development of the new Innovation Management Standards for ISO. The scope of ISO TC 279 / ISO 56000 is “Standardization of terminology tools and methods and interactions between relevant parties to enable innovation.”  In September of 2019, IAOIP will host the ISO 56000 Innovation Management World Congress in Melbourne, Florida; this meeting will mark the first time the United States has been selected to host this leadership meeting.


Looking to the future, IAOIP continues to strive to deliver value to members and organizations in the field of innovation. Our continued growth, fueled by the need for standardization and legitimization of innovation, particularly as ISO 56000 is shaped as the global standard in innovation, is paramount. When you earn and IAOIP certification, you can rest assured that when the day comes that you will asked to become ISO accredited, your certification will assure you that you will be able to position your organization to become quickly accredited.

We invite you to consider joining IAOIP – either as a professional or organizational member. Together, we can change the world through innovation.