Associate Membership is a trial opportunity for membership in the IAIOP – it is not a long-term solution for serious innovation practitioners. Associate Membership does not carry the same prestige, nor does it receive the same rights, privileges, benefits or opportunities for IAOIP participation and leadership as a Professional Membership.
As an Associate Member you’re eligible to become a certified innovation practitioner, signifying that you have demonstrated substantial understanding of innovation practice and you’re qualified to drive innovation in your industry.


  • WORKING GROUP MEMBERSHIP – Associate members can participate in working groups but are not eligible to Chair a working group or run for a Board of Directors seat, as are Professional Members
  • DEVELOPMENT AND CONTINUING INNOVATING EDUCATION – Associate members will receive free access and where applicable, the deepest discounts, to IAOIP and partner events and educational opportunities. This membership level also receives the significant savings from  InnovAcademy – your on-demand learning opportunity in innovation.
  • IAOIP INNOVATION CERTIFICATION – Associate members receive discounted IAOIP certifications. Additionally, your membership gives you a discount for certification exam prep courses and boot camps.
  • COMMUNITY ACCESS – Associate members have access to the IAOIP’s growing global community of innovators. Associate members are not eligible to view contact information of other members.
  • EVENT DISCOUNTS – Associate members receive discounts to IAOIP and partner events including InnovaCon.
  • CAREER CENTER (Jobs Board) – Associate members receive access to job postings on through IAOIP’s Career Center. As Associate members are not dues paying members, they do not receive the ability to see jobs until they have been posted for Professional members for 3 days.

Dues - None
As a reminder, an Associate Membership in the IAOIP is not to be considered a long-term solution for those who are serious about advancing their innovation careers and practice. It is important to consider contributing wholly to your association as we are non-profit working to advance global innovation for all. We welcome you as an Associate Member and hope you will consider giving us a try – then upgrading to a Professional membership.