IAOIP Policies, Procedures, Checklists, Presentations and Study Guides

Girl MazeThe International Association of Innovation Professionals is chartered to create an innovation body of knowledge and certification exams that are transparent in the process, open to all, and subject to membership approval. Due to this mandate, we publish policies and procedures as necessary to assure sound governance and adherence to standards of governance. If any member wishes to amend an IAOIP Policy or Procedure, one may do so by submitting the procedure name and proposed modifications (preferably a redlined original copy of the policy) to any member of the Board of Directors for consideration. Proposals will be considered within two cycles of the Board meeting.

Administrative Policies 

IAOIP Policy 1001 - Management System

IAOIP Policy 1002 - Governance

IAOIP Policy 1021 - Grandfathering of Certification Exams 

- IAOIP Policy 1031 - CPE and CEU Credit

- IAOIP Policy 1041 - Learning Management System Content